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Solar Observatory


This website started in 2014 as project intending to demonstrate how publicly available environmental data can be aquired, treated and displayed in (almost) real-time to the user. Almost means, that we publish the data as soon as we get, but there might be a delay from the actual event til we get the data for it. The first version went online in August 2015 running on Ubuntu 15.04. It is work in progress and will incorporate new features and datasources over time.


We see here version 3.0 of using FreeBSD 11.0, Erlang 19.0 and Yaws 2.04 running behing Nginx as loadbalancer. In the background Ubuntu Linux 16.04 with Postgresql 9.5 and Python 3.5.

The hardware with networking, frontend and databaseservers, as well as concept and devleopment is done entirely by my company.

Most important change is that most of the content, except images and videos now resides in a database which makes it easier to provide the sidte in multiple languages. There now is a glossary explaining some terms and the NOAA scales for spaceweather are made available. We start with English and German and will add more over time. We moved data on Earth's geomagnetic field over to our sister site, as we think it is thematically suited better over there.

Data Sources, Aquisition and Frequency

Date Sources and Update Schedules
SourceScheduleDisplayed asComments
Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)Once per hourSDO Current Images.Downloaded and presented as is.
Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC)Every 6 minutesActive Regions,Solar Wind, X-ray events, Enlil and NOAA ScalesImages downloaded, Enlil video production
Lockeed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory (LMSAL)Every 30 minutesSolar flare and CME dataImages downloaded and presented as is, data is archived.
HelioviewerOnce per dayDaily SDO videosVideos downloaded and presented as is, data is archived.

All of the data is aquired, transformed, stored and displayed automatically, which results in a low-maintenance website with no human intervention necessary. Of course, we have to monitor it still...


When aquires data via bots, it identifies itself as "SolarObservatory/x.y" for production and as "Mozarella/x.y

information about the site

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